Monday, June 1, 2015

Tobit 1:3, 2:1-8, Psalm 112:1-6, Mark 12:1-12


Tobit 1:3, 2:1-8, Psalm 112:1-6, Mark 12:1-12

Tobit 1:3, 2:1-8

My Beloved, Tobit is a man who is faithful to God despite the difficulties he has to face. He fears God, he obeys the law, he is not afraid to do what he knows is right even though he is mocked by those around him. He shares what he has with the poor and has a kind, compassionate and generous heart.

The life of Tobias is one that is pleasing to God and there is much we can learn from him, especially to be faithful to our calling despite any hardships we may face.

Psalm 112:1-6

My Beloved, how wonderfully these verses describe Tobit and the Lord's never failing kindness and faithfulness to him. These are Your promises to all who keep Your commandments, are kind, loving and generous, who share gladly all they have, who fulfill their duties, and who walk in the light of truth, integrity and justice.

These verses gladden the heart and give us confidence. Your blessings will flow not only to those who trust in You and Your Word but will be poured out on their children as well.

Mark 12:1-12

My Beloved, in this parable you speak to the people and the nation that God chose, the prophets that He sent to them time and time again who were abused, persecuted, treated shamefully and killed. Finally, the Father sent You, and You prophesied to Your hearers what You would face as well - rejection and an ignominious death, at the hands of the very people and nation that God had chosen for Himself.

Coming back to the present time Beloved, nothing has changed. You and Your law of love and wisdom continue to be rejected. Those who witness to the Light of Truth are persecuted, imprisoned, silenced and even killed. They are mistreated and marginalized and discriminated against. They are denied justice and the rule of the godless prevails.

But Light cannot be put out. It will prevail and the darkness that threatens to cover the world can never extinguish Your Light. We have Your Word. The victory is won and the triumph is Yours.

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