Monday, June 29, 2015

Acts 17:1-11, 2 Timothy 4:6-8, 17-18, Psalm 34:2-9, Matthew 16:13-19



Acts 17:1-11, 2 Timothy 4:6-8, 17-18, Psalm 34:2-9, 
Matthew 16:13-19

Acts 17:1-11

My Beloved, evil always believes it is in control when it meets with no opposition. There are those like Herod whose motives are not guided by personal conviction but by what will make them popular. They are prepared to go to any lengths to gain the adulation of the crowds.

After the martyrdom of James, Peter is arrested and is kept under heavy guard and shackled by double chains. Two guards are posted beside him to ensure he does not escape. It seemed like a hopeless situation all that the nascent Church could do was to pray fervently and earnest. Most people would this a feeble response yet we know that, "More things are wrought by prayer than this world dreams of." 

On this occasion the prayers of the faithful Christian community who had gathered together was so powerful that an angel of the Lord was sent to set Peter free.

We can trust You my Beloved to answer all our prayers and to set us free from all the snares that Satan lays out for us.

2 Timothy 4:6-8, 17-18

My Beloved, St. Paul saw his life coming to a close. A martyr's death awaited him because he was faithful to the mission entrusted to him and so he could confidently say confidently that he had fought the good fight with grace, courage and faith and won, and he was certain of the crown of righteousness waiting for him. But this is exactly what he is telling us. If we too are faithful we can expect the same reward that You have won for us on the Cross.

You are always beside us. You equip us to carry out the mission entrusted to us. St. Paul preached the Gospel with fire and neither his body nor his spirit could rest until he brought as many people to the knowledge of the the truth - the Good News that saves.

We have Your pledge Beloved that all who are faithful will be received in the Kingdom of God to live with Him forever.

Let’s magnify the Lord together,
Come join me as we glorify His Name,
In distress I called to Him to save me,
He came in haste and took away my shame.

Let’s  celebrate His never ending mercy,
We’ll clap and sing aloud in grateful praise,
Reflecting the radiance of  His beauty
Our joyful hearts will stream abundant grace.

He commands His angels to surround us,
They guard us so we never need know fear,
God stoops low so we can taste His goodness,
He shelters in His heart those He holds dear.

Seek the Lord and You will lack for nothing,
He alone can satisfy your soul,
He is the Living Bread that comes from heaven,
To  sanctify, to nourish and make whole.

If you desire life in all its fullness,
Seal your lips from falsehood and deceit,
Turn away from every form of evil,
Take refuge in His love and pursue peace.
Myra D’Souza / 27th June 2012

Matthew 16:13-19

My Beloved, people of different faiths, people of different Christian denominations as well as the faithful in the Church each have their own response to this question, "But you, who do you say I am?"  Peter, inspired by the Holy Spirit proclaimed that You are the Messiah and the Son of the Living God. You knew that of the twelve God had chosen Peter to reveal this truth and that he was to be Your Vicar on earth, the head of Your Body, the Church.

We have the words from Your own lips affirming Peter as the Rock on which Your Church is built and giving him Your authority to bind and unbind assuring him that heaven would hold itself bound by his decisions. 

We honor Your Word. We believe it and we trust that You are at work most powerfully in Your Church always until You come again to claim her as You Spouse.

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