Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Isaiah 49:1-6, Psalm 71:1-6, 15, 17, John 13:21-33, 36-38


Isaiah 49:1-6, Psalm 71:1-6, 15, 17, John 13:21-33, 36-38

Isaiah 49:1-6

My Beloved, it boggles the mind that the only Son of God was called to become a Servant in order to reveal the love of God as Father to us. Pride has no place in the hearts of those who desire to imitate You who chose the way of service, humility and obedience. You took on a Body of flesh becoming incarnate in the womb of the Virgin who as God's Eternal Word reposed eternally in Him. You came into the world to make the Word that was with God, in God and was God known to us and in knowing the Word, receiving It, loving It we would be saved.

God sent You into the world to recover what was stolen and the only acceptable way was to not only pay the price but to also receive in Yourself the sins that drew us away from the Father. You became the sin and the Victim offered in Sacrifice. In this holocaust of suffering and death, You negated the power of sin and removed the sting of death thus winning the victory for all mankind.

You are now the Light of the nations and Your salvation embraces everyone everywhere.

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Genesis 17:3-9, Psalm 105:1-9, John 8:51-59


Genesis 17:3-9, Psalm 105:1-9, John 8:51-59

Genesis 17:3-9

Beloved, it takes two to make a covenant. You cannot make a covenant with yourself you need another. The first covenant was made between God with Adam and Eve which they destroyed through the sin of disobedience. But God's love is eternal and so He make another with the man He chose Abram whose name He changed to Abraham to signify his role in God's plan. He makes clear what He desires of Abraham and his descendants and what He in turn would do for them.

In obedience to God's command Abraham was to leave the old and familiar behind and go to where God waned him to - a new life a new place where he and his descendants would live.  and He would be their only God while they would be His people. In turn Abraham and all the generations to follow would be true to their covenant with God.   

Psalm 105:1-9

My Beloved, time and time again we have turned away from God and He who is faithful always sought us and brought us back to Himself forgiving us over and over again and restoring what we lost. Verse 4 "Look to the Lord and be strong; seek his face always." We have Your Presence in Eucharistic adoration where we behold You face to face as did Adam and Eve, Abraham, Moses, the prophets and the Apostles. We are even more highly blessed because we have You always with us. The final Covenant is one that is eternal for it is sealed in Your precious Blood and cannot be revoked - God has ensured that it is so. We are blessed - thank You my Beloved. 

John 8:51-59

My Beloved, the Jews to this day are unable to believe that the Eternal Word of God which was with Him and in Him for a brief movement in time and space became incarnate and made His home with us. Every Word You said about Yourself in these verses was divine revelation giving us from the mouth of God Himself your identity. Despite all the awesome miracles that only God can perform and which You did their minds were so closed they made it impossible for themselves to believe and they make it difficult for others to do so to. 

Here are some truths of our faith which we have received directly from You in these verses:
  1. If anyone obeys My Word he will live eternally.
  2. My Father testifies on My behalf and I receive My glory from Him - the One you call God is My Father I know Him and I keep His Word.
  3. Before Abraham was I AM 

Although they picked up stones to hurl at You they could not for You are God and they could not hurt a hair on Your head until the appointed time when You would give Yourself up into the hands of men to pay the price for which You came to pay in order to redeem the world.

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Isaiah 7:10:14, 8:10, Hebrews 5:7-9, Psalm 40:7-11, Luke 1:26-38

Solemnity of the Annunciation of the Lord


Isaiah 7:10:14, 8:10, Hebrews 5:7-9, Psalm 40:7-11, 
Luke 1:26-38

Isaiah 7:10:14, 8:10

My Beloved, Ahaz was hell bent on doing what he desired making a pretense of piety, his pompous response to the prophet who tells him to ask God for a sign is, "I will not test the Lord." In fact God wants us to seek His inspiration and guidance in all things. He wants to be intimately involved in our human lives. 

The prophet tells Ahaz that despite his failure to follow God's will God will provide a king, a descendant of David. This is the prophecy that will find its fulfillment when the Angel Gabriel reveals God's plan of salvation to a Virgin who will bear a Son who will be named Emmanuel. In Chapter 8:10 God promises that no matter what heinous plans the enemies of His people may devise they will be thwarted for God our God who is with us will not permit them to succeed.

Hebrews 5:7-9

My Beloved, perfect obedience carried out in humility and love is the only way to be acceptable and pleasing to God. In this is eternal life as You Yourself have shown us, although You were God You became incarnate of the Virgin Mary taking upon Yourself our human condition in order to reveal to us the immeasurable love of God. 

Obedience and the sacrifice of Your life redeemed the world and God has now seated You on the throne at His right desiring that You receive all glory, honor and power, making all creatures subject to Your rule. I too can live in You and with You forever if I am meek and humble of heart.

Psalm 40:7-11

My Beloved, You made it possible for God to establish His Kingdom on earth. You make known to us all that God desired us to know about Himself and most especially about His nature which is love.

Every word, thought and deed must be inspired and impelled by love only then will we be pleasing to God. Our sacrifices are worthless if our will is not conformed to the will of God. We are called to witness God's love to those we encounter praising God and giving Him all the glory for all the good things He gives us, the greatest being Yourself in the Sacrament of Love, the Eucharist.

Luke 1:26-38

My Beloved, there are very few verses in the Gospels that tell us about Your Mother, the Virgin Mary and yet the short simple phrases are seeds which pack within them an inexhaustible treasure. The more we allow these seeds to germinate and grow the more fruitful and abundant is the yield in insight, inspiration, wisdom and grace.

God's Messenger the Angel Gabriel makes brief visits in Scripture to reveal something important that God wants to convey to His people. The whole of the Old testament reveals how God prepares His people and through them the world for His greatest Gift. Through Him the infinite void between God and man created by sin would be bridged. 

In the little town of Nazareth is a young virgin on the threshold of womanhood, she is betrothed to a man named Joseph who although a carpenter belongs to the illustrious line of King David. His lineage is impeccable and unknown to all but God, the woman who will be his bride surpasses every human being that ever lived in spiritual beauty and grace. No living creature mirrored God so incandescently as this daughter of God. So full of sweetness and humility was she and so unaware of her perfect goodness that when the Angel greeted her saying, "Hail full of grace the Lord is with you" she was troubled by the extravagance of the greeting  and wondered what it could possibly mean. The Angel tells her not to be afraid before revealing the role God desired her to play in His plan of salvation. 

The Angel too was awestruck for he recognized how precious this creature on whom God had lavished every conceivable grace and virtue was. Aware of her great humility he very gently reveals to her what God was asking of her, "You shall conceive and bear a son and you shall call him Jesus. He will be great and shall rightly be called Son of the Most High. The Lord God will give him the kingdom of David, his ancestor; he will rule over the people of Jacob forever and his reign shall have no end.” She asked the obvious question, "How can this be if I am a virgin?” The Angel then tells her that she was to be espoused to the Holy Spirit and the power of God Himself would overshadow her, in that divine betrothal, the Son of God would be conceived becoming also the Son of Man and the Son of Mary.

Another wonderful piece of good news was conveyed to her. Her old and barren cousin Elizabeth had conceived a child and was already in her sixth month for as the Angel said, nothing is impossible for God. And Mary said what every child of God must always say, “I am the handmaid of the Lord, let it be done to me as you have said.” 

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Numbers 21:4-9, Psalm 102:2-3, 16-21, John 8:21-30


Numbers 21:4-9, Psalm 102:2-3, 16-21, John 8:21-30

Numbers 21:4-9

My Beloved, our lives are a journey and we are travellers on our way to the place that God has prepared for us.  It took the Israelites 40 years of preparation in the wilderness before they were ready to enter the promised land.  They sinned, grumbled, whined and complained just as we do. We are never satisfied. We sin with impunity and we grumble when things do not go our way. When You are slow in answering our prayers we give up. We We erect false gods and we worship before them. We ought to know better for we have so much more than the Israelites had. We have no excuses but that does not stop us from being discontented and dissatisfied.

Our sins kill us and had You not taken upon Yourself our sins and punishment as You paid for our iniquities on the Cross we would have no hope of eternal life.

We now lift up our eyes to You hung between heaven and earth supplying the means for us to return home to Your Father and ours.

Psalm 102:2-3, 16-21 

My Beloved, while we live in exile we have recourse to You.  Hear us my Lord as we lift up our voices to You. Hear our cries, wipe away our tears. There is none but You O Lord who will hasten to help us and so we cry to You all day long. At night we remember You, we recall all Your kindness to us in the past and we look to You to save us again. Who do we have in heaven or on earth bu You Lord. 

Yes, we are needy we are weak, we are helpless and so we lift our trembling hands and broken hearts certain that You will not ignore our pitiful cries.  Have mercy on us O Lord, have mercy.

John 8:21-30

My Beloved, here in this 29th verse "He who sent me is with me and has not left me alone; because I always do what pleases him." You hand us a key truth that will enable us to live a life of grace We have assurance of God's presence with us when we seek always to do that which is pleasing to Him. What was true for You holds true for us as well. 

Unless we believe that You are the great I AM, one God with the Father and the Holy Spirit, we will have no life in us and sin will destroy us. You came into the world in obedience to the will of the Father in order to lay down Your life for us. You paid the ransom that would set us free and to redeem us at the cost of Your own life.  You came into the world to make known to us the Father who created us in love and whose love we had forfeited through disobedience. You came into the world to bridge the chasm between God and man and to restore to us all that we had lost.  We believe Lord and in believing we live.

Monday, March 23, 2015

Daniel 13:1-9, 15-17, 19-30, 33-62, Psalm 23:1-6, John 8:1-11


Daniel 13:1-9, 15-17, 19-30, 33-62, 
Psalm 23:1-6, John 8:1-11

Daniel 13:1-9, 15-17, 19-30, 33-62

My Beloved, the story of Susanna, her accusers and Daniel are a reflection of how God deals with the innocent, punishes the guilty and gives wisdom to His anointed. 

The sins of the flesh are rampant and there are many victims who feel powerless when evil men and women abuse their authority. The cry of the helpless will always reach You and You will move to act on their behalf. Retribution will come sooner or later and unrepentant sinners will be severely punished for God who is always merciful is also just.

Psalm 23:1-6

My Beloved, I am Your sheep. I belong to Your fold and You are my Good Shepherd who cares for me. I have been given new life in the Sacrament of Baptism. Living waters pouring from Your side quench my thirst, cleanse my soul and refresh me in the Sacrament of Reconciliation. 

You have given me the Church to guide me so I will not stray from the path that leads to eternal life. Although the Devil roams the earth like a roaring lion seeking to devour souls, my own flesh is easy prey to temptation and the world's many distractions can lure me I need fear no evil for You walk with me. You have put angels in charge of me and You discipline and correct me You invite me to the Eucharistic Banquet through the Sacrament of Holy Communion. 

You anoint me in the Sacrament of Confirmation with the oil of anointing so I can be strong in the love of the Lord. Your goodness, mercy, strength, power and love are granted to me constantly and will take me from this life to the glorious life that awaits me when my earthly  journey ends.

John 8:1-11

My Beloved, in today's reading from the Book of Daniel we have the virtuous woman Susanna, the corrupt elders and the wise young man Daniel. In the Gospel reading we have an unnamed woman caught in the act of adultery and we have You who are wisdom incarnate, the Son of God who is called upon to administer justice. It was an open and shut case. There were witnesses and the law was clear - such a woman was to be stoned to death. 

The teachers of the law and the Pharisees were not so much concerned with justice but with setting a trap for You. If You condemned her to death they could say "ah ha, He is not as compassionate as He makes Himself to be." And if You acquitted her they could accuse You of not keeping the law of Moses. They figured that they had cleverly put You in a bind but as usual they underestimated their divine opponent. You bent down and the finger of God wrote in the dust. What You wrote remains a mystery then You stood up looked them in the eye and said, "Let anyone among you who has no sin be the first to throw a stone at her." You then resumed writing on the ground. Was it the 10 Commandments my Lord and perhaps each recognizing them and recalling their own sins beginning with the oldest went away quietly, beginning with the oldest? 

As always my Beloved it is God and the sinner for He alone is the righteous Jude. How consoled and relieved the poor woman would have been to hear the words, "Woman, where are they? Has no one condemned you? Neither do I condemn you; go away and don't sin again."

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Jeremiah 31:31-34, Hebrew 5:7-9, Psalm 51:3-4, 12-15, John 12:20-23


Jeremiah 31:31-34, Hebrew 5:7-9, Psalm 51:3-4, 12-15, 
John 12:20-23

Jeremiah 31:31-34

My Beloved, how eloquently the prophet Jeremiah was inspired to speak of You ad the New Covenant that God would make with man. A Covenant that He would seal with Your Precious Blood thus making it irrevocable. A Covenant that will last eternally. The first Covenant became obsolete when man destroyed it by disobedience but God found a way to heal the rift between Himself and His creatures.

Thank You for the Covenant of Love written on our hearts through the gift of faith at baptism. Thank You for Yourself as our God and claiming us as Your people. Thank You for the commandment of Love that calls us to love our brothers and sisters as we love ourselves. Thank You for revealing Yourself to us and making known to us that God's nature is love. Thank You for forgiveness of our sins and for remembering them no more. 

Hebrew 5:7-9

My Beloved, there is no human emotion that is beyond Your ability to understand You took upon Yourself our humanity and experienced the whole gamut of human experience. If we suffer You sympathise and comfort for You too were afraid and did not ant to suffer. You shed tears and groaned with the weight of Your suffering You wanted the p of sorrow to be taken aways from Your lips if it were possible but You were obedient and humble. You submitted to the Cross because the Father willed it. through Your passion and death You taught us how to face both. You taught us the value of humility and obedience. You showed us that death does not have the last word. If we in turn are obedient, we will be saved and will be given a share in Your reward.

Psalm 51:3-4, 12-15

My Beloved, have mercy on me. I am sorry for having offended You by my sins. I am weak and unworthy I fall easily when tempted but You are a God of love and compassion. Remember the price You paid to redeem y soul from the snares of the enemy. I am sorry, please forgive me. I throw myself at Your feet Beloved. Do not turn from me but rescue me from the traps that have saned me. Wash me and cleanse me with the Blood and Water that flowed from Your pierced side. Draw me close to You once more. Heal the brokenness in me and restore my relationship with the Father. Fill my soul once more with Your peace and Your joy.

John 12:20-23

My Beloved, foreigners had heard of You and were interested in meeting You. The prophecies were all being fulfilled and the time for the most perfect and acceptable sacrifice as quickly approaching. You knew that only in dying can new life be experienced. A seed is only a seed until it is buried in the dark soil and allows itself to die in order that the life within it is set free and can grow. You came to die, Your death was necessary if we were to live. You taught us that our mortal existence is brief an d no matter how hard we try to prolong it, it is doomed to end. However, if we are prepared to die to our inherent weaknesses, bad habits, even literally laying down our lives for the sake of the Gospel everlasting life in You will be our reward

You came into the world to die, to be raised up between earth and heaven in order to draw every man, woman and child to Yourself. Thank You Lord! 

Saturday, March 21, 2015

Jeremiah 11:18-20, Psalm 7:2-3, 9-12, John 7:40-53


Jeremiah 11:18-20, Psalm 7:2-3, 9-12, John 7:40-53

Jeremiah 11:18-20

My Beloved, just as the prophet Jeremiah was hated because he was unafraid to speak God's Word and judgment against the wicked so too were You. The wicked spend their days scheming and plotting ways to destroy the good. They plotted against You all the time and they did not rest until they killed You. My Lord You promised all who endured persecution in this life for Your sake would receive eternal happiness with You as their reward.

Psalm 7:2-3, 9-12

My Beloved, I have no one but You keep me safe in Your love, I take refuge in Your mighty protection. Keep evil and temptation far away from me lest in a moment of weakness I may give way, yield, stumble and fall. Stay with me Lord and cover me in Your Blood. With You as my shield I am invincible.

John 7:40-53

My Beloved, it is only when we listen attentively to the Word made Flesh who dwelt among us will we believe that You are indeed the Christ, a Prophet and even more than  a Prophet. Those who heard You wondered about You for they were beginning to believe that You are the One that Israel was waiting for.

But there will always be the intellectual scoffers. They have certain convictions and they refuse to change their minds because it does not add up according to their way of thinking. They looked at You superficially, had they taken the trouble to seriously discover more about You they would have found out that You were not from Galilee and that You were born in Bethlehem, that Joseph was indeed a descendant of David but we know that there are none so blind as those who refuse to see. 

Division is the work of the devil and his allies and so it was even then. Your enemies plotted to arrest You feverishly for You had become a thorn in their side. Your popularity with the people irked them and stirred up in them a seething, venomous, murderous anger. Some like Nicodemus admired You and were sympathetic and tried to get the authorities to be fair and obtain the facts however they scorned him and shut him up. How far are we willing to go in defending the truth?

Thursday, March 19, 2015

2 Samuel 7:4-5, 12-14, Romans 4:13, 16-18, Psalm 89:2-5, 27 & 29, Matthew 1:1:16, 18-21



2 Samuel 7:4-5, 12-14, Romans 4:13, 16-18, Psalm 89:2-5, 27 & 29, Matthew 1:1:16, 18-21

2 Samuel 7:4-5, 12-14

My Beloved, today the Church in the midst of Lent takes a moment to celebrate the feast of St. Joseph, Your foster father and husband of his most chaste spouse the blessed Virgin Mary, Your Mama. The Lord God asks this question to King David thorough he prophet Nathan, "Are you to build a house for me to live in?" But St. Joseph was charged with the loving task of doing precisely that, making a home for God's two greatest treasures, His only Son and His fairest and most chaste daughter Mary.  He picked St. Joseph, the glorious Saint whom the Church recognizes and hones for all his most admirable qualities. He has been names protector of Your Body, the Church. He cared for its Head so it is natural and fitting he that the care of the Body too be entrusted to his protection as well.  He never failed You, he will not fail us.

Romans 4:13, 16-18

My Beloved, the Word of God tells us that St. Joseph was a just man. St.Paul says in verse 4 that a great reward awaits a just man who is friend of God through faith. This is a perfect description of St. Joseph who acted promptly in faith whenever he was required to do so. He did not ask question or for clarifications he just did what was asked of him. God knew that He could trust him implicitly and the lives of both the Child and the Mother entrusted to his care by God Himself would not be misplaced.

Faith and race of these dear St. Joseph had in abundance and God's covenant could be fulfilled because he collaborated with Him in ensuring that the Son of Mary would have a legal father who would faithfully and lovingly discharge all his responsibilities in caring for both Son and His virginal Mother.

Psalm 89:2-5, 27 & 29

How beautifully the verses of this Psalm together with all the readings in the Liturgy throw into relief the life and work of our dearest St. Joseph whom God entrusted with His Treasures Jesus and Mary.

Matthew 1:1:16, 18-21

My Beloved, in a few brief verses we are told of the greatest even in human history. Across of man's destiny a few bold strokes of color and light are splashed.Nothing is told but the facts  there is nothing on the canvas except the main characters who feature in the greatest story ever told.  Names and words are strung together on a gossamer thread and are weaved into an unbelievably beautiful design as God's word of salvation unfolds before our eyes that takes our breath away. 

We have a mention of Your genealogy which ends in verse 16. We are told about how Mary and Joseph who until that time seems just an ordinary man and woman entering into the sacred covenant of marriage through those betrothal when suddenly, it would seem the world as they knew it until then could change forever. 

This is how You were born we are told. Mary who was to be given to Joseph in marriage was found to be with child.  Wow! One can hardly understand the terrible implications to them both let alone the Babe in the womb. It could have all gone horribly and tragically wrong if either Mary or Joseph decided to trust their own judgment other than God's.  We are given a glimpse of St. Joseph's character as a man, a loving husband and a godly man. He would do all in his power to protect Mary from any unnecessary suffering so tender and deep was his love for her.

Into an already dramatic situation an angel enters, explains, comforts and reassures St. Joseph. He did not doubt, his was a clear, simple childlike faith and to him there was only one response to God's mission for him - total obedience.

Do not be afraid to take Mary as your wife the Baby is conceived by the Holy Spirit. She will have a Son who will save His people from their sins.  St. Joseph would have trembled in awe and the weight of the tremendous responsibility but he did not flinch or shrink. Today no matter how many honors are given to him it will never be enough for he has served God and His Church well - both the Head and its members. 

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Isaiah 49:8-15, Psalm 145:8-9, 13-14, 17-18, John 5:17-39


Isaiah 49:8-15, Psalm 145:8-9, 13-14, 17-18, John 5:17-39

Isaiah 49:8-15

My Beloved, there is no prophet who spoke so much about the Messiah - the depths of His love, mercy, tenderness, compassion, His willingness to become sin by entering into its poisonous evil and destroying its power to destroy and kill the sinner.

At a time appointed by God You came into the world as the answer to the cry of every man, woman and child in every time, place and age. You became the Covenant of Love between God and man. You called us from the darkness of sin and death into Your own marvellous light. You showed us the Way, You provide us with life giving Bread, You let us quench our thirst from the life giving streams that poured from Your Sacred Heart pierced open with a lance so all could come and drink. You will never forget what You have done for us for we have now been purchased and redeemed by Your most Precious Blood.

Psalm 145:8-9, 13-14, 17-18

Compassionate and gracious is the Lord, slow to anger and abounding in love.
The Lord is good to everyone; his mercy embraces all his creation.
Your reign is from age to age; 
your dominion endures from generation to generation.
The Lord is true to his promises and lets his mercy show in all he does.
The Lord lifts up those who are falling and raises those who are beaten down.
Righteous is the Lord in all his ways, his mercy shows in all his deeds.
He is near those who call on him, who call trustfully upon his name.

John 5:17-39

My Beloved, what was it about You that so outraged the Jewish authorities it stirred up murderous thoughts against You? Was it Your beautiful Presence through which Your divinity shone, Your utter self-confidence, Your perfect equanimity in the face of their venomous hatred, Your utter complete indifference to the authority they wielded and so jealously guarded by them, Your ability to point out their hypocrites not only to the people but to their very faces by the parables You told that were directed at them. The fact that You dared to call God Father and to snap Your fingers before them at their narrow interpretations of the Sabbath and its many cumbersome and farcical laws. 

My Beloved when You spoke of Scripture bearing witness to You, You were speaking of the Old Testament and how true. Everything that can be said of You was already prophesied by the patriarchs and the prophets of old until the last of them all John the Baptist who prepared the way for Your coming. You speak of Your Father and how You have come only at the Father's behest and how You only say and do what He wants You to and all that You have seen the Father do. Nothing You say or do is of Yourself.

If we believe then we inherit eternal life  having passed from death to immortality with You and in You.

Thursday, March 12, 2015

JEREMIAH 7:23-28, PSALM 95:1-2, 6-9, LUKE 11:14-23

JEREMIAH 7:23-28, PSALM 95:1-2, 6-9, LUKE 11:14-23

JEREMIAH 7:23-28

My Beloved, today you call us to listen. Only when we listen can we hear You and hearing we can obey. This is why it is imperative that we take time to be still, to shut out all the noise of the world and just listen to that still small voice which is the Holy Spirit. How easily we can drown out the Holy Spirit when we are distracted.

Only when we walk in the Way that You walked which is the Way of the Cross, only when we live by the Truth which You have revealed in Yourself as Truth Incarnate and only by being imbued in Your Life poured into our hearts through grace received in the Sacraments only then will we stop being a stiff necked people who refuse to be disciplined. Unless we listen and obey we will perish.

Help me Lord to find time each day to immerse myself in Your Word and in Your Love.

PSALM 95:1-2, 6-9

My Beloved, we are a chosen race, a royal priesthood, a people set apart the joy of belonging to God should cause us to prase and ake a joyful noise to the Lord. Our thanksgiving should flow like a stream because our hearts cannot contain our gratitude.

The Almighty God has chosen us who are unworthy and has make us His children let us come before Him and bow low in worship and adoration for He is our God, our Maker, our Redeemer, our Sanctifier our Bridegroom, our Father, our Protector, our Counselor and our Friend.

LUKE 11:14-23

My Beloved, it would do us well to remember the last verse of today's Gospel reading verse 23 Whoever is not with me is against me, and whoever does not gather with me, scatters. Anyone who does not stand with You and with the Church which is Your Body is against You. Let us be warned. It is easy to criticize and be judgmental but what am I doing to further God's Kingdom? How am I fulfilling God's plan for me in establishing His Kingdom on earth? Am I too busy tearing it down by my critical spirit or am I helping to build it up?

Thursday, March 5, 2015

Jeremiah 17:5-20, Psalm 1:2-3, 4 & 6, Luke 16:19-31

Jeremiah 17:5-20

My Beloved, more often than not we seek consolation in ways and places where none can be found. We trust people of power, money, and influence instead of placing all our faith, hope and love in God alone. Time after time men disappoint and fail us yet we lack the wisdom to know that we are sowing in arid land where life can never be.

The one who trusts in you always flourished. He who planted in You and is rooted deeply in God will not be overcome no matter how freely the storm rages or the sun blazes. In God he will bear good fruit in season and out of season for the Lord is the source of his life.

Psalm 1:2-3, 4 & 6

My Beloved, sin often presents itself in a very attractive light if it didn't our first parents would not have been lured into disobedience doing expressly that which God had commanded them not to. The righteous man, puts his trust in God, he believes in God's Word which is to him food and drink God, in turn, provides him with an ever-flowing stream of blessings that never dries up. He yields fruit and he thrives on the bounty of God. The Lord walks beside His own and keeps them on the right path. With You at my side my Beloved I will never be afraid.

Luke 16:19-31

My Beloved, You knew that even though You would rise from the dead many would still refuse to believe. Sometimes, Lord, we look at how unequally wealth is distributed in our world. There are people like Lazarus in the parable who are destitute they live absolutely miserable lives and they die destitute. While it is easy to point fingers and blame God for the misery of the outcast, the marginalized and those condemned to die on the fringes society the real truth is that if such atrocities continue to exist in a world of plenty where some live to excess, then each of us is guilty of allowing our brothers and sisters to die on a dung heap.

What have I done to change even if in an infinitesimally small way, the condition of those who live on a pittance and sometimes not even that.?

Just as the rich man in the parable condemns himself to eternal hellfire for his blindness to 

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Isaiah 1:10, 16-20, Psalm 50:8-9, 16bc-17, 21 & 23, Matthew 23:1-12

Isaiah 1:10, 16-20
Psalm 50:8-9, 16bc-17, 21 & 23, 
Matthew 23:1-12

Isaiah 1:10, 16-20

My Beloved, all that the Father desires is that we put away our evil deeds and turn to Him who is all loving and all good. No sin is so grave that it is beyond the capacity of His loving Heart to forgive.  He has ensured for as long as time lasts that every sin and every sinner who repents of his sins will be received and embraced for He loved His prodigal children very much. In fact God's love for us is scandalous considering how unworthy we are.. Sin put an irrevocable barrier between us and nothing but the life of the Son of God could destroy that barrier.

Anyone would agree that it was too high a price but the Father paid it. A jaw dropping price that can only leave us awestruck and humbled at the extent of God's love for us and Your love for the Father in paying it.  In doing so Beloved You have won for Yourself the love of all who believe.

Thank You for the wonderful Sacrament of Reconciliation where we wash ourselves in the Blood of the Lamb.

Thank You Lord.

Psalm 50:8-9, 16bc-17, 21 & 23

My Beloved, these verses clearly reveal to us what is acceptable in Your sight You do not desire any offering we make if they are just an external and shallow display of piety. You desire that we accept whatever discipline You send us in the right spirit for it builds character. We must keep Your words ever before us and be guided by them only then will our offerings of thanksgiving and praise be pleasing in Your sight. You will show us the way to the Father's House and we will walk in it.

Matthew 23:1-12

My Beloved, today You ask us to obey our spiritual leaders when they teach us Your Word and Your law however when the lives they lead is far away from the truths they preach we must not imitate them.

How often we see leaders lording it over others. They are proud, unfriendly, unapproachable, standoffish, clubbing only with those they consider their equals. They are proud of their spiritual gifts forgetting that they are given to them in order that they are used in the service of others.

You showed us that humility and obedience are the two most sure ways to be pleasing to God. thank You Beloved for all the wonderfully, saintly people in the world who teach us both by their words and their example. Above all let us learn from You who though You were the greatest were humble even unto death on the Cross.

Monday, March 2, 2015

Daniel 9:4b-10, Psalm 79:8-9, 11 & 13, Luke 6:36-38


Daniel 9:4b-10, Psalm 79:8-9, 11 & 13, Luke 6:36-38

Daniel 9:4b-10

My Beloved, we must never forget even for a moment that God is always faithful no matter how great our sins and our iniquity. To those who love You, those who obey Your law of love to God and neighbor will find that You will keep Your promise, Your covenant of love and faithfulness to them. But we are weak, faithless, sinful prone to temptation. How often we turn our backs to You and willfully choose to sin, to take the broad road and the easy path.

This day Beloved I confess that I am a sinner, mine the guilt and mine the shame. These I now offer You certain and confident of Your pity Your compassion and the tenderness of Your love for me although I do not deserve any of it. Forgive me my Beloved and grant me the grace to live the virtues of faith, hope and love always.

Psalm 79:8-9, 11 & 13

My Beloved Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, God our Father ensured for all time that He would always hurry to His children with great compassion and tender love because of the price that was willingly paid by You in accordance with His will to ransom us from the vise of sin. God our Father is glorified by His children now and always for when we contemplate the Father's love for us in asking His only and most beloved Son to pay the price for our redemption, one can only be awestruck at such unmerited love for creatures who are nothing and unworthy of such love.  

The Father will always listen to our groans and moans even if they are from selfish motives for our tender Father desires that all be saved and one live in eternal bliss in the Presence of God. Until our last breath God will strive to saved those doomed to eternal death for He could not for Your sake see the sinner die. Too great a price was paid for every single soul.

Luke 6:36-38

My Beloved, we dare not be anything but merciful for if God were to judge us by our own lack of mercy to others we would have no hope. How easily we judge others and readily pint out their flaws and failings. Too readily do we condemn our brothers and sisters totally clueless of what has shaped them and made them as they are. Instead of showing understanding and compassion, instead of being grateful that God has spared us whatever painful circumstances that have shaped and warped them we are ever ready with criticism.

Beloved, here You warn us sternly that in the measure that we give we will receive. If we withhold  forgiveness from our brothers and sisters we will not be forgiven. If we lack mercy and compassion none will be shown to us. You also remind us to be generous and God in return, who cannot be outdone in mercy, compassion, love and generosity, will give us, not measure for measure, for that's how our bountiful God operates. Rather, we will receive in our sack good measure, pressed down, full and running over.