Saturday, June 6, 2015

Tobit 12:1, 5-15, 20, Tobit 13:2,6-8, Mark 12:38-44


Tobit 12:1, 5-15, 20, Tobit 13:2,6-8, Mark 12:38-44

Tobit 12:1, 5-15, 20

My Beloved, the advise that the Angel Raphael gives Tobit and Tobias is applicable to all God's people. All are called to acknowledge all the wonderful things God continually does for us and to give Him thanks both in private prayer and in public. To exalt the Name of the Lord God and give Him all the glory and honor that is due to Him. To make known His goodness, His kindness, His mercy and His saving help.

Our prayers are more effective, the Angels says, when they are accompanied by fasting and alms giving. All we do must be with a sincere heart and with honorable intentions and God will surely bless us.


My Beloved, when we sin and go astray, we need never be afraid to come back to you if we are truly repentant and contrite. God loves the sinner and there is always a welcome when a repentant sinner comes home. Thank You my Beloved for the awesome Sacrament of Reconciliation where the door to God's mercy is always open wide.

Mark 12:38-44

My Beloved, God's judgement is quite different from ours. God sees the heart, God sees the intention and God judges accordingly. We look at the outward signs. God alone can see into the soul We curry favor with the rich and the powerful, even if they are sinners. We ignore or worse excuse their hypocrisies and we laud their well publicised good deeds paraded before the world.

Our giving has to be sincere and no matter how humble our offering may be, like the widow who gave her all, God who rewards, will give us in return full measure, shaken together, and spilling over, for we cannot out our God in generosity.

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