Sunday, September 6, 2015

Isaiah 35:4-7a, Psalm 146:7-10, James 2:1-5, Mark 7:31-37


Isaiah 35:4-7a, Psalm 146:7-10, James 2:1-5, Mark 7:31-37

Isaiah 35:4-7a

My Beloved, thank You for these timely words of hope and comfort to all who are afraid which give me peace. “Have courage, do not fear.” You are Jesus, the God who saves, the God who rewards, the God who is the Son of Justice. You give sight to the blind, You open the ears of the deaf, You make the lame leap, walk and dance for joy. From You flows streams of life giving water and what once seems dead now teems with life. Thank You for every grace and blessing that You make available to me each day through the worthy reception of Your most precious Body and Blood in the Holy Eucharist.

Psalm 146:7-10

My Beloved, I rejoice because You are a faithful God in whom I can take refuge. The psalmist repeats all that  the prophet has said. You give food to the hungry, drink to the thirsty, You set free those who are enslaved. You open our eyes and ears to the Truth and You are close to those who have no one to care for them the widow and the orphan. I know that I can count on Your protection because You love me.

James 2:1-5

My Beloved, it has always been Your way as St. James reminds us to offer Your special protection to the poor, the outcast, the sinner and the marginalized. Help me not to have double standards Lord. Give me a heart like Your for those who are suffering. Help to share what You have so generously given me. The Kingdom belongs to all who desire it and strive to do Your will in all things. Jesus, meek and humble of heart make my heart like unto Thine.

Mark 7:31-37

My Beloved, You come looking for those who are in need of Your saving grace and help. You come looking for the sinner. Come to Me Beloved. Put Your fingers in my ears that I may always hear Your voice clearly and obey. Touch my tongue with spittle and release it so it may ever sing Your praise. Open my whole being to receive all that You have to give me and may Your grace flow out from me to touch everyone I encounter this day. May I never stop telling of Your goodness to me and let all who hear me give Your praise as well. You my Beloved truly do all things well.

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