Saturday, December 12, 2015

Zechariah 2:14-17, Judith 13:18-19, Luke 1:39-47



Zechariah 2:14-17, Judith 13:18-19, Luke 1:39-47

Zechariah 3: 2:14-17

My Beloved, we rejoice because You come to dwell among us as the Word made Flesh. You dwell in our hearts in the Eucharist, You dwell in our tabernacles and You are face to face with us in our Monstrances. How assuring it is to us sinners who are besieged on every side to know that God is in our midst and that He has pledged never to leave us or forsake us. In stillness, wonder and awe You invite us to remain in Your Presence who left heaven to make a home in us, with us and among us.  Thank You Father, Son and Holy Spirit for Your incomprehensible and infinite love for us.

Judith 13:18-19

My Beloved, these verses written of Judith more adequately and perfectly apply to Your Mother and ours for You so generously gave her to us as our Mother too. God has blessed her above all His creature. The fullness of grace was found in her. Above all women on earth she was most blessed for God, the Creator of heaven and earth chose her to be Your Mother, the Spouse of the Holy Spirit and His daughter making her the fairest of the fair. He made her free from all stain of sin so she could be a fit dwelling place for You His Son. Until time lasts the world will not forget the singular honor granted to her and will praise God for her perfection in every grace and virtue. The more we understand God’s work of grace in her the more we will honor and sing her praises.

Luke 1:39-47

The whole person of Mary was infused with the divinity of God who lay in her womb. It is no wonder then that at the sound of her voice the baby in her cousin Elizabeth’s womb leaped for joy for even as a babe he recognized through the power of the Holy Spirit, that he was in the presence of God. Elizabeth was prompted by the same Holy Spirit to praise Mary praise aloud as the one chosen by God to become the Mother of our Savior. Her words of praise will continue until You come again in glory and majesty. The people of God will continue to tell the world of God’s singular work of grace in her make her blessed among women just as the Fruit of her womb was blessed. And all who believe as Mary did will be blessed as well the every prophecy made by God found fulfillment in You.

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