Monday, December 21, 2015

Song 2:8-14, Psalm 33:2-3, 11-12, 20-21, Luke 1:39-45


Song 2:8-14, Psalm 33:2-3, 11-12, 20-21, Luke 1:39-45

Song 2:8-14

My Beloved, how wonderfully the Song of the Lover in these verses captures the desire, the longing, the utter joy of loving and being loved in return. You eagerly seek Me. You speak and my heart is aglow at the ardor of Your love for me Your nothing. You watch me constantly Your eyes never wavering for I am Your delight. You invite me into an every closer and more intimate union with You.  Every prayer I pray You answer before the words are out of my mouth You grant me all I desire and more. You give me Yourself completely in the Holy Eucharist and there is nothing so wonderfully as the sweet thrill of truly becoming one with You My Lord, My Beloved, My Soul. 

You call me constantly to awareness of Your Presence in me, around me above and below me – everywhere I look You are there. Where You are is love, joy, peace, beauty, laughter. There is silence, awe, reverence, worship, ardor. You see in me what I cannot see in myself. You call me by the sweetest, most tender names and I forget that I am unworthy, I am a sinner, one who without You is truly abjectly,nothing. You invite me into Your Presence every morning. You wait eagerly for me. You long to hear the sound of my voice my praises, my prayers, telling You of my love for You – my poor love for You and You take pleasure in the telling of it. My love is a poor shadow of Yours for Me My Beloved but it is all Your own.

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