Thursday, December 24, 2015

2 Samuel 7:1-5, 8-12, 14 &16, Psalm 89:2-5, 27 & 29, Luke 1:67-69


2 Samuel 7:1-5, 8-12, 14 &16, Psalm 89:2-5, 27 & 29, Luke 1:67-69

2 Samuel 7:1-5, 8-12, 14 &16

My Beloved, David, the great of Israel whom God showed great favor was a prefigurement  of Your coming into the world. He wanted to build God a fitting dwelling place instead God said I will come and dwell with my people. I will make a home for Myself in their heart. I, whom the heavens cannot contain and for whom earth is but a footstool; will in obedience to My Father, become finite, wrapped in human flesh and become a human being in all things save sin.

I will come into the world to establish peace; peace that the world cannot give for it will be a peace that nothing but willful sin can destroy. It will not be based or subject to things that decay and pass but on that which is eternal. Those who believe in You will be raised to the dignity of sons and daughters of God because You will draw us to Yourself, make us one with You and thus one with the Father and the Holy Spirit. You will share Your inheritance with us in the everlasting Kingdom where You my Beloved are the Sun.

Psalm 89:2-5, 27 & 29

My Beloved, the Father has made an irrevocable Covenant of Love with us in You. He revealed His incomprehensible love for us sinners when He sent You into the world to become the Lamb of Sacrifice who would once and for all offer the only acceptable Sacrifice to Him that would restore our broken, wounded relationship with Him. In and through You we now are children of the living God and You gladly and generously share Your inheritance with us who accept You as our Lord and Savior. You came into the world to reveal the marvelous love of God we in turn adore and worship You and we will sing Your praises and the praises of God as long as we have breath. Praise You Lord! Father, Son, and Holy Spirit now and forever Amen!

Luke 1:67-69

My Beloved, without the Holy Spirit we can know nothing about God for He reveals to us things too marvelous for human beings to fathom. Moved by the power of the Holy Spirit Zechariah prophecies all that his son, Your forerunner, and the last of the prophets who would prepare the world for a new dawn, a new beginning, a new epiphany will do to prepare the way for Your arrival. While he prepared the people waiting in joyful anticipation for You to reveal Yourself, You lived a normal, quiet life with Your Mother Mary and Your foster father St. Joseph learning his trade and working alongside him. Waiting on the time ordained and appointed by the Father to make Yourself known to chosen people of God.

As we celebrate Your Birth this Christmas season we wait in joyful hope for Your second coming my Beloved when You will come to judge the living and the dead and establish Your everlasting rule as promised by God. Marantha! Lord Jesus, Maranatha!

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