Monday, December 14, 2009

Numbers 24:7

His buckets are overflowing and his seeds are always watered.

"My child, You know the truth but unless you apply it to your life there will be no growth.  Your will must cooperate with the grace that I freely give in order that you may produce lasting fruit.  The angels, the saints and above all my Mother are rooting for you and cheering you on because they see your desire to please Me.  But just good desires are  not enough to achieve your goal of sanctity.  To the desire must be added your will - a firm unshakeable will, only then can you become what you desire.

The seeds I plant are always well watered by My Holy Spirit but the soil must be good.  I have not told you these things to make you sad but you must know that anything worth having is worth fighting for.  In this is victory."

"Thank You my Beloved for speaking to me."

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