Thursday, October 22, 2009

ROMANS 6:22, Luke 12:49

Now, however, you have been freed from sin and serve God.  You are bearing fruit and growing in holiness, and the result will be life everlasting.

The call to conversion is a choice we make for  God.  Once we make it there must be no turning back.  Ofcourse there will be set-backs, we fall, we fail, we are discouraged, it seems hard sometimes.  But with each triumph  big and small, with our gaze firmly fixed on You my Beloved, and following You who have gone before us - with the help of grace that You so readily make available to us in the Sacraments, it is possible to answer the Father's call to be holy and perfect just as He is holy and perfect. 

LUKE 12:49
Jesus said to the disciples, "I have come to bring fire upon the earth and how I wish it were already kindled; but I have a baptism to undergo and what anguish I feel until it is over!

My Beloved, Your baptism of fire in the incarnation, Your passion, death and ressurection and the fire of Your Holy Spirit which sets the world ablaze, purifies us and makes us children of the Father and You our elder Brother.

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