Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Judges 9:6-15, Psalm 21:2-7, Matthew 20:1-16


Judges 9:6-15, Psalm 21:2-7, Matthew 20:1-16

Judges 9:6-15

My Beloved, we each have a calling to which we must remain true. There is purpose and divine plan for my life which I am called to strive to fulfill every day of my life through grace that You make available to me. The olive tree, the fig tree and the vine each knew the purpose for which they were created and they rejoiced in being true to it. However, when we are foolish we look to those who are weak and incapable to lead us and we are led by our error in judgment to ruin and destruction.

Keep me ever mindful Beloved that God created me for Himself and that my home is not here but with Him in heaven.

Psalm 21:2-7

My Beloved, I came to You in sorrow, shame, and weighed down with guilt. I cried out to You for help to save me. You came to my rescue and You washed away my sins. You fed me with Your Body and Blood in the Holy Eucharist. You strengthened my resolve to sin no more with Your help. You have blessed me and mine abundantly. You have granted us every grace and good thing in the heavenly places. Your peace rests upon me and I exult in Your forgiveness and Your love.

Thank You for restoring my soul to health. Thank You for the promise of eternal life with You forever.

Matthew 20:1-16

My Beloved, this parable tosses out  all our false notions about God and His favor to people. We are all created and called to know and love God and once we do we are given a mission to go out and live the Good News wherever we are. Some of us are called from the moment of our baptism as infants and we are raised in faith in You. Others too come to know You at various stages in their lives and when they do they too are called to labor for the Kingdom of Heaven.

It matters not when we accept You as Christ our Lord what matters is that we are faithful to the mission that is entrusted to us. God does not hold Himself ransom to our imperfect human standards. It does not matter in God’s sight if we have spent our whole life from infancy to old age in living out our faith as we labor for the Kingdom or if in the last stage of our life we come to know Him and are zealous for Him and His Kingdom. To all the reward is the same eternal life in heaven in His Presence always. Thanks be to God. 

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