Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Romans 8:21, Luke 13-18:21

Romans 8:21
In hope we already have salvation.  But if we saw what we hoped for, there would no longer be hope: How can we hope for what is already seen?  So we hope for what we do not see and we will receive it through patient hope.

My Beloved, although life is often good - loving You and being loved by You - the knowledge of You and increasing that knowledge so that it simply takes my breath away to know how absolutely awesome You are - also the love of family and friends, yet there are times of underlying sadness, there are disappointments, there is hurt, there are difficulties.  But as St. Paul reminds us there is also hope - a great big wonderful hope of the things to come - of eternity, of seeing You face to fare, of knowing You just as we are known by You.

Luke 13:18-21
Jesus continued speaking, "What is the kingdom of God like"  What shall I compare it to?  Imagine a person who has taken a mustard seed and planted in in the garden.  The seed has grown and becomes like a small tree, so that the birds of the air shelter in its branches.  And Jesus said again, "What is the kingdom of God like?  Imagine a woman who has taken yeast and hidden it in three measures of flour until it is all leavened."

Beloved, You planted the seed, a little mustard seed and Your wonderful one, holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church has taken root and grown.  Your Holy Word like the yeast hidden in the flour, has through the course of over 2000 years risen until it has reached the ends of the earth.  Thank You for its growth, its life and its fruit where all can come and nest in its branches and live.

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