Sunday, September 13, 2009

Isaiah 50:5-9, James 2:14-18, Mark 8:27-35

My Beloved, some lessons are very hard to put into practice. You said the servant is not greater than the Master. You also said where I am there my servant will be. To give ourselves in complete self-donation takes true love. All the readings and the Gospel of today speak eloquently about what it means to love as You love.
Love shows itself in action. Love means to forget self. Love means to allow yourself to be put to death - to die to what you feel or want so that the loved one may receive what he or she desires. Love finds joy in saying, 'Yes". True love that is free from selfishness. What a long, long way I have to go before I reach that ideal my God. Pray for me. Take my hand. Teach me. Strengthen my will. Amen.

"You make a million and one excuses to convince yourself you are right and every one of them will be wrong because love does not count the cost. The depth of our love can be measured by the sacrifices we are willing to make."

Thank You Jesus.

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