Monday, August 10, 2009

Job 10:12

JOB 10:12

In Your goodness You gave me life and watched over my breathing with care.


You made me just as I am, You redeemed me through Your Son, You fill me with Your Holy Spirit. Inspite of all my faults, failings and weaknesses, You see the potential - You see the person I will finally become through grace and I am so utterly special to You that You want me with You eternally. You watch over my breathing not casually, not as a spectator, but with care. In fact You breathe in me each breath I take and this breath gives me life. When my days on earth are over I shall cease to breathe on earth but shall continue breathing Your breath in eternity.

There is an intimacy suggested here between God Almighty and I that simply blows me away. Praise You my God, my Beloved!!!

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