Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Acts 5:17-26, Psalm 34-29, John 3:16-21


Acts 5:17-26, Psalm 34-29, John 3:16-21

Acts 5:17-26

My Beloved, when we are jealous of those who do good and put obstacles in their way or restrict them in any way because their lives are a contradiction to our own we are prepared to go to any lengths to silence them. Hate and envy make us blind to the truth. The High Priest and his cohorts thought they had won when they put You to death but they discovered to their dismay that You had grown even more powerful in death through the bold and fearless preaching of men who were recently so frightened they fled and deserted You.

They arrested the Apostles but there is no prison strong enough to stand against the power of the Almighty. Your Angel released them and they continued to preach the Good News in the temple  The message has not been silenced in over 2000 ears and we have Your guarantee that despite persecution, the gates of hell shall not prevail. So the mission goes on. The Gospel is preached to the ends of the earth despite persecution, imprisonment, flogging, and bloodshed. The greater the persecution the more bright does the Light of the Gospel shine illuminating the whole world with its message of love and peace.

Psalm 34-29


Let’s magnify the Lord together,
Come join me as we glorify His Name,
In distress I called to Him to save me,
He came in haste and took away my shame.

Let’s  celebrate His never ending mercy,
We’ll clap and sing aloud in grateful praise,
Reflecting the radiance of  His beauty
Our joyful hearts will stream abundant grace.

He commands His angels to surround us,
They guard us so we never need know fear,
God stoops low so we can taste His goodness,
He shelters in His heart those He holds dear.

Seek the Lord and You will lack for nothing,
He alone can satisfy your soul,
He is the Living Bread that comes from heaven,
To  sanctify, to nourish and make whole.

If you desire life in all its fullness,
Seal your lips from falsehood and deceit,
Turn away from every form of evil,
Take refuge in His love and pursue peace.
Myra D’Souza / 27th June 2012

John 3:16-21

My Beloved, evil flourishes in the shadows and in the dark. The most dastardly deeds are often done under cover of the night. Evil doers mistakenly believe that they are unseen but there is no darkness that cannot be penetrated by the Light of God and nothing is hidden before Him. 

God loved the world and so He sent You to save it. In You there is no condemnation - we condemn ourselves when we refuse Your love and salvation.  In You we have eternal life, Yours is the Name there is no other by which we can be saved. We who believe and have received the gift of faith are children who walk in the light of truth and grace and all that we do is pleasing in Your sight.

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