Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Song of Songs 4:12

Song of Songs 4:12                          *(see note)
You are a garden enclosed, my sister, my bride; a spring enclosed, a sealed fountain. 

Mary is the garden enclosed that the writer of the Song of Songs speaks of.  She is the sister and bride of the Holy Spirit.  The power of the Father comes upon her, the Holy Spirit overshadows her, the Son becomes incarnate in her womb.  He grows there in secret for nine months embellishing this garden with every grace, blessing and virtue.  She is radiant with the radiance of God emanating from her.  Her body and her soul were conceived in the heart and mind of the the Almighty God, the God of all ages - Master Designer and Master Creator of this, His divine masterpiece.  There never was and there never shall be another creature as lovely, good, pure, sweet, gentle, noble and grace-filled as Mary - my Mother, my Mama, my Queen.

To highlight Mary's chastity, her effigy is surrounded by two of the classical symbols of Our Lady's virginity, namely:

Hortus conclusus
(enclosed garden)
Fons signatus
(sealed fountain)
Both symbols appear in the Song of Songs, "You are. . .my sister, my bride, an enclosed garden, a fountain sealed." (Canticle 4, 12).

The typical half-image of Mother and child form the crown of a tree which bears simultaneously, flowers and fruit. They are symbols of Mary's role as simultaneously virgin (flower) and mother (fruit).

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