Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Daniel 5:1-6,13-14,16-17,23-28, Daniel 3:62-67, Luke 21:12-19


Daniel 5:1-6,13-14,16-17,23-28, Daniel 3:62-67,  Luke 21:12-19

Daniel 5:1-6,13-14,16-17,23-28

My Beloved, it often happens that when we take too much of anything that will cloud our judgment we do things that in normal circumstances we would not dream of doing. We lose control of our senses and do atrocious things that are displeasing and in Your sight. We take what is holy and desecrate it and we cannot excuse ourselves because we willingly used and abused alcohol or any other substance and became victims of our folly.

When we are called to reap the suffering that which we have sown through infidelity to You we have no right to whine and complain but accept the righteous judgment of God. My Beloved, do not permit me to sin so grievously that I lose my immortal soul.    

May I like Daniel never be tempted to use the gratuitous gifts I have received for personal gain.

Daniel 3:62-67

My Beloved, in this beautiful hymn of praised composed by the prophet Daniel he is aware that everything in the heavens and on earth is created by You for Your glory and pleasure. We are indeed blessed for we are given the privilege of enjoying the beauty of creation. Like the prophet may the joy and delight we receive in nature prompt us to sing out loud in praise, worship, adoration and thanksgiving recognizing that You are truly an awesome God and worthy of our praise.

 Luke 21:12-19

My Beloved, all suffering, persecution and hardship that results from our faith in You should lead us to testify our belief in You so others too are encouraged to do the same. Our joyful witness to our faith must cause those who persecute us to wonder about the source of our strength.

You pledge that You will give us words of wisdom to silence the enemy. You warn us that perhaps those who are closest to us may betray us, imprison us or even put us to death but we need not fear those who can kill the body and after that do nothing us. Our soul is inviolable and You promise eternal life to those who remain true to the end.

We live in an age where many in the world suffer because they are Christians. They can count on Your promises. Continue to give them joy and peace despite their suffering knowing that the crown of glory will be granted to them.

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