Monday, October 26, 2015

Romans 8:12-17, Psalm 68:2 & 4, 6-7AB, 20-21, Luke 13:10-17


Romans 8:12-17, Psalm 68:2 & 4, 6-7AB, 20-21, Luke 13:10-17

Romans 8:12-17

My Beloved, the road to hell is broad and easy and we find ourselves on it when we choose the path of least resistance and give free rein to the desires of the flesh. We do not battle alone in Your loving kindness and because You understand that we are constantly faced with temptation You have given us Your Holy Spirit and with His help it is possible to choose the way of life rather than death. 

We are privileged to be called children of God and so we are by virtue of our baptism. We dare to call God Abba because we are grafted to You in Baptism and Your life is given to us. You are our Brother and we have a share in Your inheritance. However, we must first be ready to suffer as You suffered without constantly complaining, whining all the while dragging our cross discontentedly behind us. Joy in the midst of suffering is possible because You count us worthy to have a share in Your suffering so we may share in Your glory in eternity.


Psalm 68:2 & 4, 6-7AB, 20-21

My Beloved as verse 20 reminds us You daily share our burdens as our Savior, Redeemer and Friend. You yoke Yourself to us so we find our burdens easy and our load light. You have saved us and because You took our death upon Yourself so we may receive Your life we have hope of eternal joy with You, the Father and the Holy Spirit in heaven.  This is reason to sing Your praises always as we recall Your great mercies. Thank You for sheltering us in Your Sacred Heart and for watching over us always. Thank You for Your mighty protection that keeps us safe through the power of Your Holy Spirit from the wiles of the enemy.

Luke 13:10-17

My Beloved, sin robs us of our dignity as children of God. What sin had this poor crippled woman committed in her youth when she stood tall and beautiful – what grave sins did carry the burden of which had bent her double giving Satan power over her? We will never know but You did when You saw her on the Sabbath in the synagogue – man made rules were not going to stop You from releasing her from the clutches of evil that had weighed on her for years – all she could see was the dust of the earth while her whole being yearned to stand tall and gaze once more with wonder at the sky and see once more the beauty of the world around her. Your heart was moved to pity and compassion and although You knew that the narrow minded authorities would be up in arms at what they considered work on the Sabbath You called her and when she came before You she heard You speak, “Woman, you are freed from your infirmity.” You then lay Your hands on her and she was healed. Praise and thanksgiving filled her whole being as she  exultantly gave glory to God.

I too can be a hypocrite Lord. I find fault because I am jealous, self righteous, or because I am too busy looking for specks in my neighbors eye and refusing to acknowledge the glaring planks in my own. I pretend to want what is good while secretly harboring selfish thoughts. I am called to do good and to always choose tenderness, mercy and compassion over any law that would restrict me from doing what I can to ease another’s burden.

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