Monday, October 19, 2015

Romans 4:20-25, Luke 1:69-75, Luke 12:13-21


Romans 4:20-25, Luke 1:69-75, Luke 12:13-21

Romans 4:20-25

My  Beloved, Abraham put his trust in the Lord. He believed in the promises that God made and although he did not live to see the Covenant fulfilled yet he did not doubt that all that God had promised him and his descendants would come to pass. He had unshakeable faith, he trusted God’s word and he acted on it. His faith made him righteous before God and St. Paul tells us that it is so with us as well. Our faith in God and in You whom He sent into the world in order that we may be raised to life through Your Resurrection makes us righteous as well.

Abraham’s faith glorified God in comparison my own faith is a puny, poor, sickly thing. I have so much more reason to have a strong vibrant faith for You have been exceedingly good to me. I have experienced Your favor from the moment I first drew breath and yet I am a miserable, weak willed sinner. I do not know have the strength of will to deny myself the things that take me away from You and instead do what You ask of me. Help me Lord without You stepping into the breach and literally saving me from myself I am lost.

Luke 1:69-75

My Beloved, every promise made to Abraham and the prophets has been fulfilled in You. They were not privileged to live in the age of the fulfillment of the Covenant of Love that God has made with us in You. You have vanquished the enemy. You opened the gates of Heaven. The Kingdom of Heaven is being realized on earth by men and women from every nation and race who believe,  live and preach the Good News of our salvation won for us through Your passion, death and glorious resurrection.

We can live holy and righteous lives because of the grace that You make available to us through the Sacraments and the merits that You have won for us. I can be holy because You make it possible for me to be holy. All I need to do is to trust You and walk in the way that You shown me. Help me!

Luke 12:13-21

My Beloved, if we spend just a portion of the energy and time we spend in amassing earthly wealth on the things of heaven we would be far happier in this life and we would be storing up treasures in heaven. Yet we are so consumed with having, getting, and acquiring we have no time for spiritual things. We want to be acclaimed, to be recognized, to be honored and we take great pleasure in being given a place among those whom the world favors. Yet the way to the Kingdom is the narrow way. We are called to pick up our cross daily and to be a friend, sister and neighbor to all whom we meet each day. We are called to share all we have both our spiritual and temporal treasure with those who are in need instead of spending all our days getting, hoarding and spending until we draw our final breath. When we die all our toil and sweat for earthly treasures will be for nothing for we can none of it with us. Open our eyes Lord to the truth so that we can be set free.

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