Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Romans 6:12-18, Psalm 124:1B-8, Luke 12:39-48


Romans 6:12-18, Psalm 124:1B-8, Luke 12:39-48

Romans 6:12-18

My Beloved, sin enslaves but You set us free. When we give into temptation we allow sin to gain mastery over us as we give ourselves over to the wiles of the enemy who knows our weaknesses. In You I am a new creation – the past is dead and I receive new life in You. I call You Lord, Teacher, Master, God and I am now a child of God I must reflect this truth and live a life of service for true love is made visible through service. You shower grace upon grace on me from the rising of the sun to its setting and even when I am asleep I rest in You. I belong to You and I freely, gladly and willingly give You complete power and control over me.

Psalm 124:1B-8

My Beloved, if You did not come into the world to redeem us we would have been lost forever. The Enemy would have devoured us. But You are always attentive to the sound of our voice. We cry out to You  and You make haste and save us. Our help comes from You who made the heavens and the earth. The Enemy does not rest and we are assailed constantly with his wiles. We are weak Lord remain with us all the days of our life and have pity on us when we are unable to help ourselves and reach out and save us.

Luke 12:39-48

My Beloved, when You ask us to pay attention to what You are about to say we better sit up, listen and obey. To us who have received the gift of faith and to whom the Sacraments are given to help us live out our faith with the help of the abundance of grace made available to us through them much is required. We have no excuse not to live with expectant faith for we know the One who called us from darkness into Your marvelous light. We do not know the day or the hour when You will come again nor when death will come to us this is why You warn us to live as if that moment can come anytime perhaps when we least expect it this is why we must be always ready, alert and on guard.

I keep whining that life is not as I wish it to be rather than thanking You for all the blessings You shower upon Me and praising You in all the circumstances of my life. I have been called by name and have been entrusted with a mission to which I must be faithful and diligent in carrying out. I am often lax and self indulgent I waste time on useless pursuits help me Lord to bear in mind that the day and hour of reckoning can come at anytime and I must remain watchful and vigilant always.

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