Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Romans 1:16-25, Psalm 19:2-5, Luke 11:37-41


Romans 1:16-25,  Psalm 19:2-5, Luke 11:37-41

Romans 1:16-25

My Beloved, this is Good News indeed that the Father sent You His only beloved Son into the world through whom we are all saved. Faith in You guarantees our salvation. God loves us so much that He has made Himself visible to us in You. He leaves His imprint in His creation and we will find Him if we seek Him in sincerity of heart. The wisdom of the world leads to sin and to decay for it preaches a gospel of the flesh which is death but the wisdom of God leads to life in all its fullness. It is up to us to choose either life or death.

Psalm 19:2-5

My Beloved, all we need to do is look at creation from sunset to sunset and from sunrise to sunrise to discover the glory and power of our awesome God. All creation shouts for joy and sings praises to its Maker. The beauty of nature – the huge canvas in the sky in which the divine Artist delights us with a riot of colors at dawn and dusk and in between. How can we not glimpse the Creator in His creation and most especially in our brothers and sisters?

Lord open my eyes that I may see You around me as I look upon the work of Your hands.

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