Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Acts 20:28-38, Psalm 68:29-30, 33-36, John 17:11-19


Acts 20:28-38, Psalm 68:29-30, 33-36, John 17:11-19

Acts 20:28-38

My Beloved, the Church, Your Body, is a sacred trust given by You to Peter and the Apostles who handed it down to those who came after them. You shed Your Blood for her members and countless others, faithful to You, to Your teachings and Your Word have likewise shed their blood and so it continues to this day. The Church was purchased at a price that no one can ever hope to repay. 

Ruthless wolves  from without the Church and even from within bay for the destruction of Your Church and her teaching which she received from You. She guards and defends it faithfully and teaches without error for this is what You have guaranteed through Your Holy Spirit.

Today truth is being corrupted by those in authority and power those with an evil agenda those who seek to replace innocence, beauty, wisdom and truth with lies, ugliness, depravity and knowledge is being used to corrupt and destroy rather than to nurture and build on a foundation of love made visible through service. But we must not lose hope. You have conquered, the price is paid and the victory is won.The enemies of the Church will crushed for they are already vanquished and triumphant cries of alleluia resound everywhere even though it may seem that the power of darkness are in ascent. 

Psalm 68:29-30, 33-36

The Lord has won the victory He is triumphant. Awesome is our God who rules the heavens and the earth and blesses His children with power and strength to face the enemy and overpower the rulers of darkness in His Truth.  Our God rides on the wind and speaks in the sound of the thunder. He carries His people under His wings. Blessed be our God now and forever. Alleluia!

John 17:11-19

My Beloved, Your own are kept safe in Your Name - Jesus. To us who believe in Your Word is given the joy that comes only from knowing You. We do not belong to the world but to You and just as the world hated You, so it hates those who follow You faithfully.

You have left us Your Presence in Your Living and Eternal Word and we are consecrated in the Truth of Your Word which is Yourself.  We are called to be leaven in the world carrying Your Truth and allowing that Truth to go out from us to be diffused to those around us. We thank You Beloved for making the ultimate sacrifice for which the Father sent You.In Your death we have died to sin and in Your resurrection we are born to newness of life. Thank You.

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