Thursday, May 14, 2015

Acts 1:15-17, 20-26, Psalm 113:1-8, John 15:9-17


Acts 1:15-17, 20-26, Psalm 113:1-8, John 15:9-17

Acts 1:15-17, 20-26

My Beloved, the Church is a community of believers with a hierarchy - there is a visible head and there is the invisible Head, Yourself. The Church receives her life from You and she is guided by the Holy Spirit, by Scripture and by the Living Tradition that the Apostles who were with You from the time of John's baptism, who lived with You for 3 years and finally were witnesses to Your resurrection.

As long as the Church abides by these three principles she will stay the course and remain true and faithful. Thus it was how the two were chosen to take Judas' place. Lots were cast for Joseph and Matthias who fit the criteria and in the end the final choice was left up to You. It was You who chose Matthias.

Psalm 113:1-8

My Beloved, You choose whoever You wish and You equip the one chosen to carry out the mission. We are to be attentive to Your voice and to accept Your choice in obedience and humility.

You are intimately involved in the life of Your Church, constantly stooping over her and granting her Your protection. We praise You Lord for Your Church, for her leaders and for all her members who form Your Body.

John 15:9-17

Me Beloved, there are no degrees to divine love as there is in human love and affection which is often flawed because we are sinners. How consoling and wonderful it is to know that You love us as much as You love the Father who returns that love in equal and infinite measure. 

Beloved, the only one way to know if my love for You is genuine is if I am willing to obey Your commands. This is how we know that Your love for Your Father is perfect, You obeyed His command to lay down Your life for us. You have revealed to us everything that the Father Himself revealed to You. In believing all that You have revealed You have made us Your friends for there are no secrets between true friends. You chose us, You have sent us to tell the world how much God loved us He sent You to save us and give us hope of everlasting life. True love makes only one demand that we make a complete self donation to one another in imitation of the Divine Lover.

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