Monday, February 16, 2015

GENESIS 4:1-15, 25, PSALM 50:1, 8,16-17, 20-21, MARK 8:11-13

GENESIS 4:1-15, 25, PSALM 50:1, 8,16-17, 20-21, 
MARK 8:11-13

GENESIS 4:1-15, 25

Cain was a sinner. Sin had found a home in his heart and everything he did was tainted this is why his offering was rejected, it was offered by hands that were impure. Abel on the other hand was a good man and therefore everything he did was pleasing to God. His offering of the firstborn of his flock as a sacrifice of thanksgiving was pleasing to God. It's fragrance rose up to heaven and he found favor with God.

We are reminded that sinners who choose to wallow in sin cannot expect God to be pleased with them because their hearts are far away from Him. But the hand of God rests on those who love Him and every prayer and sacrifice they offer is pleasing and acceptable.

The Sacrament of Baptism stamps an indelible mark of God's ownership upon our soul. We belong to God even when we deliberately choose to turn away from Him,

PSALM 50:1, 8,16-17, 20-21

My Beloved the psalmist reminds us today that the earth and all in it are subject to You and are accountable to God. Each has their place, each is created for a purpose and each is required to fulfill the purpose for which they were created whether it is great or small. 

In God's plan every person has a place and a mission that no other can fill or do. When we reject it we are flying against His will and we must accept the consequences of our willful denial of God's plan for our lives.

I am called to be my brother's keeper - this is the way God has ordained it. If God is our Father as You have revealed and You are our Brother, then every human being is my brother and sister and I am called to love them just as much as I love myself.

MARK 8:11-13

My Beloved, there are some verses in the Gospel that are heartbreaking and reveal as these verses do that despite all the miracles You performed it was not enough to convince them that You were indeed who You claimed to be. Even as You hung dying on the Cross they demanded a sign in order to believe.  They were too blind to see the Sign that was before their eyes lifted between heaven and earth. The Man on the Cross was even as they watched, paying the price that redeemed all men at the cost of His Blood and His Life.

Truly Beloved to those who believe no sign is necessary and to those who don't no sign will ever convince. You turn away sadly from those who reject You because their own blindness prevents them from seeing the Light of Truth.''

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