Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Hebrews 2:14-18, Psalm 105:1-4, 6-9, Mark 1:29-39

Hebrews 2:14-18, Psalm 105:1-4, 6-9, Mark 1:29-39

Hebrews 2:14-18

You my Beloved, have wrested from Satan the only power he had - death. Taking upon Yourself our human nature in order to into into humanity, You willingly made the only sacrifice pleasing and acceptable to the Father until You come again. The only sacrifice that has the power to free us from the fear of death, the bondage of sin and break the shackles of addiction to sin. Our fears confine - Your sacrificial love makes of Yourself the only and perfect victim that can restore to God that which He had created for His glory.

Verse 16 reminds that You came into the world to take by the hand, not the angels but the human race. You became like us in every way save sin in order to take our lace before God and offer to Him Your Body and Blood in atonement for the sins of the world.

Having drunk deep of the cup of suffering You alone can bring healing and comfort to a sin stricken suffering world.

Psalm 105:1-4, 6-9

My Beloved, the whole purpose of my life on earth is to thank You for the gift of life that has been given to me.  A life that is eternal which began in the mind and heart of God, was born into the world and at the end of it brief sojourn on earth will return to God.  This is my glorious destiny made more glorious because of what You have done.  Death entered the world through Satan but we receive life through You.  Our strength and our joy comes from our knowledge of all God has done for us thorough You.

You are the song we sing, Your Name is the praise on our lips.  We look to You as You make Yourself present on our altars and in our tabernacles so we can as verse 4 says look to the Lord and be strong as we seek Your face.

Thank You for the eternal covenant You have made with man.  Thank You for Your everlasting promises that have all been fulfilled in You. 

Mark 1:29-39

My Beloved, You enter the homes of Your disciples and share their daily humdrum lives, and get involved in all their troubles bringing comfort and healing and above all Your saving Presence. You touch all the members of our household those who are sick You take by the hand as You took the hand of Peter's mother-in-law and raised her up bring health, strength and healing.  Joy and enthusiasm are restored and renewed and we continue to work beside You.

Once we accept Your invitation to discipleship You enter our homes and touch ever member of our household we then open our homes, or neighborhood, our town so all can come to You without hindrance and experience Your healing in heart, mind, soul, body and spirit. Having experience You we must allow all whom we know to encounter You as well.  You showed us how we can always be charged and energized it is by frequently and faithfully retiring alone with you to pray and be filled with the power of Your Holy Spirit.

True disciples will always seek You, obey You and follow You. the work of a disciple is never done. We need to go to the ends of the earth so all will have the joy of knowing You and loving You as well. 

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