Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Hebrews 2:5-12, Psalm 8:2, 5-9, Mark 1:21-28


Hebrews 2:5-12, Psalm 8:2, 5-9, Mark 1:21-28

Hebrews 2:5-12

My Beloved, it was the Father's will that You experience the human condition in all its facets save sin. You were a Man like all men and You experienced all that we experience - poverty, hardship,  deprivation, hunger, thirst, betrayal of friends, the harsh and fierce elements of nature, weariness, anguish, physical pain, loss, persecution, rejection, suspicion, anger and even open hostility and enmity that bayed for Your Blood. Often You had to flee Your enemies who desired to kill You before the time appointed by God.

You did not just suffer but God willed to bring to perfection You who are perfect by lifting the cup of suffering to Your lips and bidding You drink to the last bitter dregs for no one could then dare to say that You did not know what it is to suffer. As always we benefit from Your tribulations. Now our suffering is made sweet and purposeful when we accept it for Your sake and unite it with the sufferings You gladly bore in order that You who became like us might in turn receive holiness and become like You.

For a while You became less than the angels so God could bestow on You You complete dominion over all things seen and unseen and You could grant us the privilege of becoming Your brothers and sisters, sons and daughter of the Most High God.

Psalm 8:2, 5-9

My Beloved, while it is true that God has given man dominion over all created things on earth, the sky and the seas as we can see by the giant scientific and technological advances that are being made, ultimate dominion is given to You who for a little while was made a little lower than the angels when You came as a Babe into the world.

Now seated in radiant splendor, glory and majesty at Your Father's right hand Your Name is so powerful that Satan and his minions tremble when it is uttered and it saves those who believe in it for it is a Name given to us and there is no other by which we can be saved.

Mark 1:21-28

My Beloved, even Satan and the evil spirits know who You are.  They recognize that You are God sent by God and before You they are powerless. You do not desire that we recognize You through the testimony of the devil but that we each discover this wonderful truth for ourselves. We recognize that You are the Son of God by the works You do, by the Words You speak, by the power of Your teaching and preaching. 

We are told that in verses 27-28 that, "All the people were astonished and they wondered, “What is this? With what authority he preaches! He even orders evil spirits and they obey him!” And Jesus’ fame spread throughout all the country of Galilee." While it is true that because of the wonderful miracles You worked You were recognized wherever You went yet, they did not shout out that You were indeed the Holy One of God.  In proclaiming this truth we will be required to align our life and our will to Yours and so we would rather deny, reject and crucify You than accept that You are our Lord and our God. 

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