Saturday, January 10, 2015

1 John 5:14-21, Psalm 149:1-6, 9, John 3:22-30

1 John 5:14-21, Psalm 149:1-6, 9, John 3:22-30

1 John 5:14-21

My Beloved, the key here to receiving what we ask for is to ask that which is in accordance with Your will.  You will gladly grant us everything we ask for if what we ask for will help us fulfill the destiny for which we are created - heaven.  We know You always hear us, if You hear us we know we receive what we have asked for.  Born of God in Baptism and living a life of grace helps us avoid serious sin the sin that leads to death.  God's mighty protection covers His children who live in the Light of the Truth revealed in You, His Son.

We know we belong to God, we must have unshakable confidence in this truth.  Yes, we know that You came into the world and You redeemed it and You have poured out Your Holy Spirit  upon us so we can know and recognize the Truth that You are the Son of God the Anointed One sent by God as our Savior in Him alone and through Hm alone we receive eternal life,

Psalm 149:1-6, 9

My Beloved, we exist to praise God as do all created things.  This is our  purpose for being.  As long as we live our hearts must be filled with praise and this praise bubbling in our heart must rise to our lips and be expressed in song and music.  In joyful celebration.  Praising You must be such a force in our lives that we are constantly offering You joyful praise simply because our hearts cannot contain it and so our joy at the wonder of God.  We were created to praise and when we do, God delights to hears us and He grants success to all we do.  No matter how dark the night we will walk in Your Light and night and darkness will not dim our joy in You for we have You and Your Word and having these we are more than conquerors.  Alleluia!

John 3:22-30

Learn from Me to be meek and humble of heart.
Joy, my Beloved, is the mark of a true Christian.  Once again we receive the testimony of St. John the Baptist that he was only the precursor to the Christ, the Messiah the One whose sandals he said he was unworthy to unloose.  Reach of us has our own particular mission and we are called to prepare the way for You so those around us recognize You when You reveal Yourself and they will accept You as the Son of God and the Bridegroom of Your Church.

There must be no rivalry between those who serve God for as verse 27 says, "No one can take on anything except what has been given him from heaven."

From the first St.John made it plain that another, far greater than he was coming and now the he has testified to him and pointed him out it was time for him to decrease so You could increase.

We too must strive to decrease so that Your life in us can increase and fill us to overflowing.

Only the Bridegroom has the Bride, the Church, and she rejoices in belonging to You and being possessed by You.

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