Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Zephaniah 3:14-18 Cry out with joy, O daughter of Zion; rejoice, O people of Israel! Sing joyfully with all your heart, daughter of Jerusalem! Yahweh has lifted your sentence and has driven your enemies away. Yahweh, the King of Israel is with you; do not fear any misfortune. On that day they will say to Jerusalem; do not be afraid nor let your hands tremble for Yahweh your God is within you, Yahweh, saving warrior. He will jump for joy on seeing you, for He has revived His love. For you He will cry out with joy, as you do in the day of the Feast. I will drive away the evil I warned you about, and you will no longer be shamed.
My Beloved Jesus, I am awestruck by Your Word today. I am nothing but a poor, bedraggled, unworthy, hopeless sinner and You say You have lifted the burden of sin from me. You call me daughter. You assure me that I need not fear because You, my King, are with me. You say You are within me and that my God is jumping for joy on the return of His prodigal daughter and will cry out with joy as at a feast. You promise to drive evil from me so I need never be ashamed. Thank You my Jesus! Thank You!!

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