Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Genesis 32:23-33, Psalm 17:1-3, 6-8, 15, Matthew 9:32-28


Genesis 32:23-33, Psalm 17:1-3, 6-8, 15, Matthew 9:32-28

Genesis 32:23-33

My Beloved it is only in solitude that we can get in touch with our deepest, truest self. There we wrestle with the temporal and the spiritual. We struggle between the temporal that holds us and the spiritual that desires to cling to God who is our only hope.  You allow us to prevail over You because You desire a personal relationship with us. You desire that we demand to be blessed  and You give us all we ask for and more.

Like Jacob, we too are privileged not only to look upon Your Adorable Face in the Eucharist but to even eat You and become one with you.  Thank You.

Psalm 17:1-3, 6-8, 15

My Beloved, I wish that like the psalmist I could claim there is no deceit in me, no wickedness, but I would be lying if I did, however, despite the fact that I am a sinner, You listen and hear my cry. You come to my aid, Your eyes are on me always and Your Spirit is always at work in me. Every time I call You answer Your ear is always close to my lips so you can hear even the smallest sight that escapes from my my lips. You bless those who truly desire not to sin and hide under Your shadow. You protect me as the apple of Your eye and Your wings are always extended over me.

I have this glorious hope my Beloved that one day, having been made righteous through Your grace and merit I shall see Your Face and, awakening, gaze my fill on your likeness. Verse 15
Matthew 9:32-28

My Beloved, as long as we permit grave sin to possess us we are struck dumb and can say nothing good, but once You set us free we are able to confess with our lips what we believe in our hearts, that You are our God.  People often attribute good deeds to evil impulses which is a contradiction, every good and perfect act is inspired by Your Spirit, however it is easy to believe lie than to commit to the  truth.

You did not get comfortable in one place, You had a mission to complete and the zeal and fire that burned within You did not permit You to rest. A true disciple is modelled on You.

Give me a heart that is always kind and compassionate and if there is nothing that I can do but pray than let me pray always. Use me Lord in whatever way You will so I can do my part to help bring in the harvest.

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