Saturday, July 11, 2015

Genesis 49:29-32:50:15-26, Psalm 105:1-4, 6-7, Matthew 10:24-33


Genesis 49:29-32:50:15-26, Psalm 105:1-4, 6-7, Matthew 10:24-33

Genesis 49:29-32:50:15-26

My Beloved, Joseph's brothers are always conscious of the wrong that they once did him. The evil they plotted against him and carried out. Now that their father is dead, they who have not yet understood the true nature of Joseph, expect him to avenge the wrong that was done to him. However Joseph once more assures them with words of wisdom, consolation, mercy and forgiveness how God has used the very evil done to him to bring about great good.  

This is why we ought never to be discouraged when less than pleasant things occur in our own lives. When we are asked to endure something that is painful, we must patiently accept and forgive wrongs with faith in God, who has the power to bring good out of everything no matter how evil.

Psalm 105:1-4, 6-7

My Beloved, this is our mission here on earth to give thanks always, have a grateful heart and tell everyone how good God is and how wonderful all that He does. When we gaze on Your Adorable Countenance we are strengthened once again to pick up our cross and go on. Yoked to You my Beloved our troubles become light. You are always in control of everything and so we need never be anxious, troubled or afraid for God, our God is with us always.

Matthew 10:24-33

My Beloved every day in every way we must grow a little more in Your image and likeness this is why we were created. The more we are like You, the more readily will we hasten the coming of the Kingdom of God.

Terror can strike us when we see the deliberate persecution of Christians everywhere openly or covertly but the results are just as cruel in both cases. You ask us to be confident even in the face of evil for if they persecuted, tortured and killed the Son of God His followers can expect nothing less.  In fact, we are called to glory in the cross and in suffering endured for Your sake and for the sake of the Kingdom. In the end, judgement will come and all will be revealed. The Truth will shine forth. This is our mission to speak the Truth about You without fear of those who may kill our bodies and after than can do nothing more.

Thank You my Beloved for reminding me that I am more to You than many sparrows. May I never be too afraid, self-conscious or embarrassed to confess You before the world as my Lord, my God and my King.

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