Friday, May 29, 2009

Wisdom 16:20-28
...You gave your people food of angels, and without their toil you supplied them from heaven with bread ready to eat, providing every pleasure and suited to every taste. For your sustenance manifested your sweetness towards your children;and the bread, ministering to the desire of the one who took it,was changed to suit everyone’s liking. Snow and ice withstood fire without melting,so that they might know that the crops of their enemies were being destroyed by the fire that blazed in the hail and flashed in the showers of rain; whereas the fire in order that the righteous might be fed, even forgot its native power. For creation, serving you who made it, exerts itself to punish the unrighteous, and in kindness relaxes on behalf of those who trust in you. Therefore at that time also, changed into all forms, it served your all-nourishing bounty,according to the desire of those who had need, so that your children, whom you loved, O Lord, might learn that it is not the production of crops that feeds humankind but that your word sustains those who trust in you. For what was not destroyed by fire was melted when simply warmed by a fleeting ray of the sun, to make it known that one must rise before the sun to give you thanks.
My beloved Jesus, Bread of Life - how beautifully these verses describe the manna and how powerfully they speak of the Eucharist. The manna that God provided in the desert was food that satisfied the body. In the Eucharist the Manna provided by Your Body satisfies the soul.
Verse 28 tells us beautifully why we ought to wake up before the sun to give you praise and thanks at dawn. Thank You Jesus for speaking to me through Your Word.

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